Our Products

Our Product Quality

A team of professionally skilled craftsmen and a number of years of industry experience helps us provide our customers with high-quality Corrugated Boxes — We stand as the Bangalore Best Paper Carry Bags Manufacturers. We take a lot of pride in the fact that the quantity we provide has nothing to do with the quality of our product. We are sure with a couple of uses, will help us reach the same page. In fact, we are sure our quality will influence you to share our product with your near and dear ones.

While our vision indeed moves us towards achieving constant growth as an organisation, we indeed strive to achieve constant growth in the quality of our products too. Quality being one of our foremost goals that we intent to always improve at a rapid pace. In the near future, we plan to blend in our design to match our quality in order to increase the usage of our product.

Our Products

– E-Flute

– Narrow Flute

– C Flute are three types of our product.

Corrugated Boxes,  Paper Carry Bags, Wooden Palette

Our Production Plant has the capacity of producing over 5 tons of product every day.